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Simon is a video game player in Home Alone: The Holiday Heist. He is also Finn Baxter's video game partner and close friend.


Simon is a lazy, but brilliant college man who plays video games with Finn. When Finn tells him about the thieves breaking into his home, Simon thinks it's a game and gives him good advice on how to stop them. When he realizes that Finn was serious, he calls Finn's parents which hints that he does care for Finn. Simon can stay very calm when he tries to explain the truth to Finn's parents and the authorities. Simon gets overjoyed when receives a free airline ticket to see his family which hints that he deeply loves his family.

Home Alone 5Edit


  • Simon is the first ally of the main character to tell his parents about the break-in.
  • He's also the first ally of the main character to be in college.
  • Simon is the first character to be pepper-sprayed.
  • In the movie it's revealed that his last name is Hassler.
  • He is very likely to live in Portland, Oregon since he mentioned to the cops that they missed the real crime scene by 3 thousand miles.
  • His phone number is 503-555-0162
  • The character was originally intended to be an adult Buzz McCallister, but this was avoided as the producers didn't want to be tied to the original two Home Alone movies.

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