The seesaw was used by Kevin McCallister as a second trap in Home Alone 2: Lost in New York.

Home Alone 2:Lost in New YorkEdit

While Marvin Merchants and Harry Lime were robbing "Duncan's Toy Chest," Kevin makes a seesaw in front of the store window. After Kevin breaks the window with a rock, Harry and Marv run after him. When Harry steps on the end of the seesaw, he realizes it's a booby trap and tries to stop Marv, but Marv already steps on the front of the seesaw. The pulse of the seesaw sends Harry up into the air and lands on the roof of a car. When Marv walks up to Harry, Marv says "Harry, that was incredible!"


  • Harry was the victim to get hurt by the seesaw since Marv made him go up.
  • Unlike playground seesaws, this seesaw was made out of a bucket and a long piece of wood.
  • Kevin is the first character to use a seesaw as trap.

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