Rodney "Rod" McCallister is the cousin of Kevin. Rod is the brother of Sondra, Tracy, Brooke, and Fuller, and son of Leslie and Frank McCallister. Rod does not have that many lines and is not a well known character.

Home Alone

Rod is first seen in the room with Kevin's older brother Buzz looking at Buzz's tarantula. He initially expresses concern for the arachnid, asking Buzz who's going to feed him, but Buzz shows no worry, explaining that he should be fine while being away, as he "ate a whole load of mice guts." Buzz then asks Rod if it's true as to whether or not French women shave their armpits, with Rod replying "some don't." Buzz then asks if they've got nude beaches, to which Rod responds negative due to the winter time. When Buzz hears and realizes that Old Man Marley is out and about, Rod looks out the window with Buzz and Kevin. After asking, Buzz tells Rod of Marley's "backstory": how he used a snow shovel to murder his whole family and half the block's residents back in the late fifties. When Rod asks why he hasn't been turned into custody, Buzz explains the lack of evidence, as the bodies have never been found. Observing him salting the sidewalks, Rod believes that he's just being a good citizen for once, but Buzz denies, explaining that the salt is how he gets rid of his victims, turning them into "mummies." As Marley looks to their window, he, Kevin, and Buzz, immediately flee the window.

Rod is next seen eating pizza and get angry at Kevin with the rest of the McCallister family, when Kevin fights with Buzz, spilling the drinks on the plane tickets.

Home Alone 2: Lost in New York

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