Robert "Rob" McCallister is a minor character in the first movie. He is the brother of Peter and Frank McCallister, brother-in-law of Kate and Leslie McCallister, and the uncle of Kevin McCallister.

He is married to Georgette McCallister and is the father of Heather McCallister. He also has twin daughters named Liz and Mickey, and a son named Josh. He is played by Ray Toler in the movie.

Home Alone

Rob mccallister

Rob (far left) decorating the tree in his apartment.

In the beginning it is revealed by Kate that Rob and his family moved from New York City to Paris, France the previous summer, that two of his children are going to college in Chicago where Kevin and his family live, and that Rob paid money for the whole McCallister family to come to Paris so they could all be together for Christmas.

However, Kevin was accidentally left home alone and Peter and the rest of the McCallisters went to Rob's apartment while Kate tried to get a flight home to Kevin. Rob made an appearance at the airport where he was seen with his wife Georgette and twin young daughters and crossing his arms when nobody could find anybody in Chicago who could go check on Kevin.  Rob later appears in the scene where the McCallister family are stay at his apartment. He is seen decorating the Christmas tree at his apartment with his wife. He looks a lot like his brother Peter but is only taller than Peter and wears brown glasses.

Home Alone 2: Lost in New York

Rob does not appear in the movie but is mentioned during the film. When Kevin is looking through his dad's book of addresses he finds his Uncle Rob's house address in New York City as Rob and his family kept their house in New York City after relocating to Paris. Kevin decides that, if Uncle Rob and Aunt Georgette are back from Paris, he will drop in on him, remarking that Uncle Rob and Aunt Georgette usually gave pretty good presents at Christmastime.

When Kevin's parents finally discover that Kevin is in New York, Peter wonders if Kevin would go to Rob's place. Kate mentions that Rob and his family are still at their apartment in Paris, France and that they were renovating their apartment in New York City. In New York, Kevin goes to his Uncle Rob's apartment and calls for his uncle and aunt, only to find the apartment vacant and undergoing renovation. Kevin later uses the tools in his Uncle Rob's apartment to trap the Wet Bandits Harry and Marv.


In a deleted scene Rob and Georgette and their kids were to have a larger scene at the airport where they made a "Welcome" sign to welcome the rest of the McCallisters. However, the family runs past them and into their sign ruining it, as they rush to get to the phones in order to make a call to Chicago, leaving Rob, Georgette, and their kids in complete shock.

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