The Pigeon Lady is the deuteragonist from the 1992 film Home Alone 2: Lost in New York. She was portrayed by Brenda Fricker.


Home Alone 2

The first time Kevin sees her is when he hears the sound of a pigeon's wings flapping and looks to see where it came from, and is surprised when he sees the Pigeon Lady.

Later on, using his father's address book, Kevin gets to his uncle Rob's home, but the door is locked and the home is being renovated, as Uncle Rob and his wife are still living abroad in Paris. While wandering the streets, Kevin eventually becomes wary of a few homeless people, two prostitutes and finally a taxi driver when he tries to get a ride. Finally, Kevin goes into Central Park, where he encounters the Pigeon Lady again. He attempts to run, but gets his foot caught; she frees him, and Kevin apologizes for being scared of her. They go to a concert in a loft above Carnegie Hall, and hear “Oh, Come All Ye Faithful”.

There, she tells Kevin about having heard the world's great music from the loft: Ella Fitzgerald, Count Basie, Frank Sinatra and Luciano Pavoratti. When Kevin asks her if she brings her friends up to the loft, she tells him she hasn't got many friends. When Kevin apologizes for that, she says that she's like the birds she cares for. People pass her in the street; they see her, but they try to ignore her, as they'd prefer she wasn't part of their city. Kevin agrees with that and refers to himself as the “pigeon” of the house because of his being the youngest. The Pigeon Lady nods and says that everyone fights for position and wants to be seen and heard (implying that she herself had probably grown up in a family similar to Kevin's).

After Kevin replies that he is seen and heard pretty much (but also gets sent to his room a lot as well), the Pigeon Lady tells him that she was not always like how she is now. Kevin asks what she was like before, and she replies that she had a job, a home and a family. But then it had all fallen apart: she had wanted kids, but the man she loved fell out of love with her. This broke her heart, and whenever the chance to be loved came along again, she ran away from it. As a result, she stopped trusting people, and her way of coping was taking care of the pigeons in the park (which led to her current distraught and homeless state). When Kevin tells her that, that seemed like sort of a dumb thing to do, she replies that she was afraid of getting her heart broken again before adding, “You see, sometimes you can trust a person, and then when things are down, they forget about you.”

The Pigeon Lady also tells Kevin that a good deed erases a bad one, and that on Christmas Eve, good deeds count for extra tonight, and suggests to Kevin that he think of the most important thing he can do for others, and go and do it.

“Just follow the star in your own heart.”

Kevin eventually tells her that if she needs someone to trust, it could be him, and that he won't forget to remember her, and the Pigeon Lady then gives one final parting piece of advice (which consists of “Don't make promises you can't keep”) before smiling herself as her way of saying “thanks” to Kevin.

Later, when Harry and Marv bring Kevin to Central Park and Harry has Kevin at gunpoint, the Pigeon Lady comes along with a bucket of birdseed, and tells them to let Kevin go (thus showing her “protecting, motherly” side). When they do, she tells Kevin to run, and he does (while making sure to pick up his backpack, which Harry had dropped a few feet away), but also makes sure to watch at a good place where she can see him if and when the police show up. When Harry tries to shoot her, but is unable to do so (because of the gun being jammed with the varnish that covered himself and Marv), the Pigeon Lady then throws the birdseed onto Harry and Marv, and the birdseed sticks to the varnish on them. With that, the pigeons attack and knock Harry and Marv to the ground, and the Pigeon Lady laughs. When Kevin thanks her, she blows him a kiss in return.

The next day, Kevin runs into the park where the Pigeon Lady is, and wishes her a Merry Christmas; she turns around, smiles upon seeing him and says, “Kevin! Merry Christmas”. Kevin then gives her one of the two turtledoves that Mr. Duncan had given him, and then adds that as long as they each have a turtledove, they'll be friends forever. The Pigeon Lady is touched by this, and thanks Kevin, who reaffirms his promise to be her friend. She smiles, and they hug.


Her role in the film is very similar to that of Old Man Marley from the first movie; both appeared menacing at first, but turned out to be quite friendly, and both came to Kevin's rescue when the bad guys had him cornered.