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The Pigeon Lady is the deuteragonist from the 1992 film Home Alone 2: Lost in New York. She was portrayed by Brenda Fricker.


Home Alone 2Edit

At first, Kevin is scared of The Pigeon Lady, then he later gets to know her at Central Park, they go to a concert in a loft above Carnegie Hall, where she tells Kevin about how her life had been before: she had a job, a home and a family. But then it had all fallen apart: she had wanted kids, but the man she loved fell out of love with her. This broke her heart, and whenever the chance to be loved came along again, she ran away from it. As a result, she stopped trusting people. She dealt with it by taking care of the pigeons in the park, leading to her current distraught and homeless state. When she says that people see her but try to ignore her and prefer that she wasn't part of their city, Kevin agrees with that and refers to himself as the "pigeon" of the house because of his being the youngest. The Pigeon Lady nods and says that everyone fights for position and wants to be seen and heard (implying that she herself had probably grown up in a family similar to Kevin's). Before leaving, Kevin promises to be her friend if she needs one, and she smiles.

Later, after having to deal with Kevin's booby traps, Marv and Harry catch him again after he slips on some ice. They take him to Central Park, and Harry is just about to shoot Kevin, but the Pigeon Lady enters the scene, telling them to let him go and Kevin to run, and Harry is just about to shoot her too, and douses the two with bird seeds, prompting pigeons to swoop down and swarm them. After the Pigeon Lady laughed, Kevin waved, said "Bye" and thanked her. She blows a kiss to him in return.

The next day, while everyone else is opening their presents, Kevin runs out into the snow to give the Pigeon Lady one of the two turtledoves Mr. Duncan gave him, and tells her that as long as they each have a turtledove, they'll be friends forever. She replies, "Oh, Kevin... thank you". Kevin then reaffirms his promise to be her friend, and she smiles again. Finally, they hug.


Her role in the film is very similar to that of Old Man Marley from the first movie; both appeared menacing at first, but turned out to be quite friendly, and both came to Kevin's rescue when the bad guys had him cornered.

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