For the Home Alone 4 version of this character, see Peter McCallister (Home Alone 4)
"Kevin! You spent $967 on room service?!""
Peter to Kevin


Peter McCallister is the father to Kevin, Buzz, Megan, Linnie and Jeff McCallister. He is very protective of his kids. In the novelization for the film Home Alone, he is a successful businessman. His brothers are Frank and Rob McCallister. Peter is the husband of ​Kate McCallister.


Home AloneEdit

In Home Alone, Peter is wondering how he's supposed to shave in France. In France, he tries to calls their neighbors, including the Murphys, asking about Kevin and his whereabouts, and then tells his brother, Frank that he couldn't find anyone; they had all gone shopping, and that nobody was home for the Christmas holidays. Later, after the family gets home on Christmas Day, after hearing that Kevin had gone shopping and got some milk, eggs and fabric softener, Peter remarks, "No kidding. What a funny guy. What else did you do while we were away?" Kevin replies that he just hung around. Peter then finds Harry's gold tooth and wonders what it is.

Home Alone 2: Lost In New YorkEdit

In Home Alone 2, Peter looks for the batteries for a camcorder, finds them and then resets the clock (by accident). At the Christmas Pageant, when Buzz pulls a trick on Kevin using the candlesticks, Peter, along with Kate, Leslie, the conductor and the piano lady, is not laughing. Then, after the bill from Kevin's original stay at the Plaza Hotel comes, Buzz reads it, and then after saying "Merry Christmas indeed", calls out "Oh, Dad!"

Peter comes in, and then two seconds later, shouts out "Kevin! You spent $967 on room service?!"

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