The mob boss is the one who hired the four thieves to steal a missile computer chip for his mission.

Home Alone 3

The mob boss hires Peter Beaupre, Alice Ribbons, Earl Unger, and Burton Jernigan to steal a US$10 million missile cloaking computer chip. They successfully steal it and hide it in a remote control toy car so they can pass airport security. Mrs. Hess accidentally takes the bag that carries the car and the thieves follow her to Chicago. When the thieves realize that Alex Pruitt has the car, the mob boss calls Beaupre and tells him if he doesn't have the chip in 24 hours, the mission will be terminated. The mob boss doesn't appear again and it's unknown if he was arrested or not.


  • The mob boss is the first character to hire thieves to steal something.
  • It's unknown what happens to him at the end of the film.
  • It's unknown what his mission was.
  • It is not sure if the mob boss is North Korean or Chinese.
  • He was portrayed by James Saito, well known for his portrayal of The Shredder in the 1990 movie Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.