Little Nero's Pizza logo

Little Nero's Pizza logo

Little Nero's Pizza - No fiddlin' around!

Little Nero's Pizza is a pizza shop in Winnetka, Illinois in Home Alone.

Pizza guy

This is the employee from the store. It is a pizza delivery man.

  • Their menus items are pizza and pop.


Plain Cheese

Pizza with Sausage, Olives and Onion.

In 1990, Little Nero's Pizza served Pepsi-Cola, whilst a year later served Coca-Cola as their main Cola option.

  • Their address and phone number are unknown.
  • Employees: 1+ and Manager is unknown
  • Pizza Packaging: Little Nero's Pizza Style Boxes
  • Delivery: dark red Dodge Omni (possibly 1985)
  • It is most likely a parody of Little Caesar's Pizza.


Pizza Boy - Dan Charles Zukoski


Employees are made to wear red caps and white tops with an Italian flag on the collar.

Drivers drive at dangerous speed because Little Nero's Pizza operate on

a "20 MINUTES OR YOU DON'T PAY!" basis, possibly suggesting that the McCallister's live about twenty minutes away from a Little Nero's Pizza.

A plain Cheese Pizza is $11.80.

Kevin dislikes Little Nero's Pizza with Sausage, Olives and Onion.


Little Nero's Pizza: "20 Minutes Or You Don't Pay!"


Buzz McCallister cheekily eating his brother Kevin's plain Cheese pizza.

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