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Linnie McCallister


Linnie McCallister
Portrayed by
Angela Goethals (Home Alone)
Maureen Elisabeth Shay (Home Alone 2: Lost in New York)
*Kevin McCallister (baby brother)
*Kate McCallister (mother)
*Peter McCallister (father)
*Buzz McCallister (older brother)
*Megan McCallister (twin sister)
*Jeff McCallister (younger brother)
*Frank McCallister (uncle)
*Leslie McCallister (aunt)
*Tracy McCallister (older cousin)
*Rod McCallister (cousin)
*Sondra McCallister (cousin)
*Brooke McCallister (cousin)
*Fuller McCallister (cousin)
*Rob McCallister (uncle)
*Georgette McCallister (aunt)
*Heather McCallister (oldest cousin)
*Liz McCallister (cousin)
*Mickey McCallister (cousin)
*Josh McCallister (cousin)
*Penelope McCallister (paternal grandmother)
*Unnamed grandfather (paternal grandfather)
13 (Home Alone) 14 (Home Alone 2: Lost in New York)

Linnie McCallister is the older sister of Kevin McCallister, and a supporting character in the first two Home Alone movies.

She is portrayed by Angela Goethals in the first movie and by Maureen Elisabeth in the sequel.

Home AloneEdit

In the beginning of the film, Linnie is first seen getting ready to go on the family vacation to Paris, France. She tells her brother Jeff that she hopes that he didn't pack any crap. She then turns to her younger brother Kevin and tells him that he knows their Mom will pack his suitcase anyway, before adding that he's what the French call "les incompeténts". She also informs Kevin that he has to sleep on the hide-a-bed with their cousin Fuller, and that if Fuller has something to drink, he'll wet the bed.

Linnie is next seen eating pizza, and gets mad along with the rest of the family when Kevin gets into a fight with Buzz over pizza. The next day Linnie is seen rushing to the airport with her family, as they overslept and almost missed their flight (although they managed to make it in time). When the family reaches Paris, they realize that they left Kevin back home in Chicago and rush to the telephones, trying to call for help. Linnie and her siblings try to call all their friends, but don't have any luck.

Linnie then goes to her Uncle Rob's apartment with her dad, siblings and the rest of the family while her mother stays at the airport trying to get a flight back home to Chicago. Linnie is next seen sitting on a couch in her Uncle Rob's apartment and looking bored.

In the end, Linnie manages to get a flight home on Christmas Day, along with her dad, brothers and sister. When they arrive home, Linnie is heard telling her brother Buzz and sister Megan to stop fighting. Linnie is also glad to see that Kevin is all right, and is simultaneously surprised and happy to hear that he went shopping the previous day to get groceries the family needed, such as milk.

Home Alone 2: Lost In New YorkEdit

Linnie appears in the sequel but doesn't have a big part like she did in the first film and only speaks during the scene where the families arrive in Miami, realizing that Kevin is missing.  She is first seen packing for the family's trip to Miami, Florida. She is later seen at the family meeting over Buzz and Kevin's fight at the Christmas Pagent. She is seen again rushing to the airport to catch their flight which they catch. She is later seen giving everyone their luggage at the airport and is later on looking at their hotel in disgust. Linnie is then seen watching the movie 'It's A Wonderful Life' in Spanish in the Miami Hotel and then rushes to New York with her family when they learn that Kevin is there. In the end Linnie is seen opening her presents in the Plaza Hotel in New York City and clapping for Kevin for getting lost and making them go to New York.


  • Linnie, along with Jeff, are completely absent from Home Alone 4, with only Buzz and Megan as Kevin's siblings.


  • "I hope you didn't just pack crap, Jeff!"
  • "You're what the French call les incompetents!"

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