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"You can mess with a lot of things, but you can't mess with kids on Christmas."
Kevin McCallister


Kevin McCallister
Portrayed by
Macaulay Culkin (Home Alone 1 and 2)
Mike Weinberg (Home Alone 4)
8 (Home Alone)
10 (Home Alone 2: Lost in New York)
9 (Home Alone 4: Taking Back the House)
First Appearance
Kate McCallister (mother)
*Peter McCallister (father)
*Buzz McCallister (oldest big brother)
*Megan McCallister (older sister)
*Linnie McCallister (older sister)
*Jeff McCallister (older brother)
*Frank McCallister (uncle)
*Leslie McCallister (aunt)
*Tracy McCallister (older cousin)
*Rod McCallister (cousin)
*Sondra McCallister (cousin)
*Brooke McCallister (cousin)
*Fuller McCallister (cousin)
*Rob McCallister (uncle)
*Georgette McCallister (aunt)
*Heather McCallister (oldest cousin)
*Liz McCallister (cousin)
*Mickey McCallister (cousin)
*Josh McCallister (cousin)
*Penelope McCallister (paternal grandmother)
*Unnamed grandfather (paternal grandfather)
Cheese pizza; booby traps; Matthew McConaughey movies, Kraft Dinner, black and white movies, James Cagney, racking up room service bills, Toy Stores, Donald Trump, Talkboy, Dentist certified toothbrushes, Christmas Trees, Michael Jordan, Choir Practice, Turtle Doves
Olive pizza, Uncle Frank not letting him watch a movie without explanation, Buzz, When Fuller wets the bed, The Attic, Spooky Furnaces, Buzz's Girlfriend Woof
November 3, 1982

Kevin McCallister (born November 3, 1982) is the protagonist in the Home Alone movies 1 and 2. He is portrayed by Macaulay Culkin in the first two Home Alone movies and Mike Weinberg in Home Alone 4.

He is often bullied by his older siblings Buzz, Megan, Jeff, and Linnie, and mostly Uncle Frank.


Home AloneEdit

After getting into a fight with his older brother Buzz McCallister because he purposely ate Kevin's cheese pizza, Kevin is sent to the third floor of the house by his mother Kate. The next morning as the family prepares to leave, Kevin is still sleeping. His cousin Heather mistakes Mitch Murphy, Kevin's neighbor who was just about to leave for vacation too as Kevin. The family, in a rush, hurries of to the airport and not realizing that Kevin isn't with them. Later, Kevin wakes up to find his whole family gone. Kevin is in thrill, he believes his wish came true, that he made his family disappear. He watches a gangster movie and eats ice cream After a little while, he starts to love his family being gone.

Harry and Marv, two bandits, start robbing houses in his neighborhood. They plan to rob Kevin's house, too, but he scares them off multiple times. They discover that he's just a kid, and plan to come back and rob his house at 9:00pm. on Christmas Eve.

Before they come, Kevin goes to see Santa. He tells him that instead of presents, he wants his family to come home. He later walks by a house and sees a happy family eating together. He misses his family for a second, then remembers how great it is. Kevin goes to the church, and discovers that Mr. Marley isn't as scary as Kevin heard. Kevin advises him to do something about his son.

After talking with him he sets up of booby traps for Harry and Marv. After they start chasing him, he calls the cops. Kevin uses a home-made zipline to get to his tree house, then Harry and Marv start chasing him. He leads them to the Murphy's house, which they've already robbed. They are one step ahead of him this time, and they catch him. Just in time, Old Man Marley arrives and saves him. He wakes up on Christmas morning and looks for his family, but they aren't there. In glee, he goes back into his parents room. His mother arrives a few minutes later, and after a disappointing (for Kevin) reunion, the rest of his family arrives. After greeting everyone and they leave Kevin alone, Kevin heads over to the window, looks out and smiles upon seeing that Marley has taken his advice and made up with his son, granddaughter, and daughter-in-law. He also wrecked Buzz's room which gave him a big fat KEVIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!What did you do to my room

Home Alone 2: Lost in New YorkEdit

One year after the events of the first film, the McCallisters are now going to Florida for Christmas. Kevin sees Florida as contradictory to Christmas because he thinks there are no Christmas trees in Florida. While unplugging a charger for camcorder batteries, Kevin's father, Peter, accidentally unplugged the alarm clock. When he plugged it back in, the alarm clock is accidentally set to 12:00 p.m and didn't even bother to notice. During a school Christmas pageant, Kevin's older brother Buzz humiliates him during his solo, causing Kevin to retaliate and ruin the performance. After Buzz says to Kevin " Beat that, you little trout sniffer", Kevin refuses to apologize for his actions and is annoyed with his family's decision to go to Florida, before going up to his third floor bedroom of the house. During the night, a newspaper flies to the door thanks to the wind. The newspaper said that Harry and Marv escaped from prison during a riot. In the confusion and rush to reach the airport on time, Kevin boards a flight bound for New York City, carrying Peter's bag containing his wallet, credit cards and a large amount of cash. The family is unaware that he is missing until after they land in Miami and pick up their luggage.

In New York, Kevin tours the city and convinces the staff at the Plaza Hotel into giving him a room using Peter's credit card. During a visit to Central Park, Kevin is frightened by the appearance of a homeless woman tending to pigeons.

On Christmas Eve, Kevin tours the city in a limousine and visits a toy store where he meets its philanthropic owner, Mr. Duncan. Kevin learns that the proceeds from the store's Christmas sales will be donated to a children's hospital. Duncan gives Kevin a pair of ceramic turtledoves as a gift, instructing him to give one to another person as a sign of eternal friendship. After encountering the Wet Bandits Harry and Marv (who recently escaped from prison and are now called the Sticky Bandits), Kevin retreats to the hotel. The hotel's concierge Mr. Hector confronts Kevin about the credit card which has been reported stolen. Kevin flees after evading Mr. Hector, but is captured by Harry and Marv. Marv took his ticket out of his hand that he was going on round trip to Miami with his family, and told him that he got on the wrong plane. And Harry took it and ripped Kevin's ticket, so that way Kevin can't get back home or get to Miami with his family. The duo discuss plans for robbing the toy store that night, before Kevin escapes, having recorded the entire conversation without the Sticky Bandits noticing.

Following advice from the pigeon lady, who he now understands how her life has fallen apart and how she dealt with it by taking care of the pigeons in the park, Kevin vows to the pigeon lady that he will be her friend. He goes to an old townhouse which has been renovated and set up various traps there.

He then arrives at the toy store during Harry and Marv's robbery, throws a brick through the window, setting off the store's alarm, and leads the pair to the townhouse, springing the traps. When the duo close in on Kevin, he flees the townhouse and calls the police. Harry and Marv are able to catch Kevin and attempt to kill him in Central Park. The pigeon lady incapacitates the duo by throwing birdseed onto them, which attracts the birds and causes them to swarm the crooks, and Kevin sets off fireworks he had bought earlier to signal the police. Harry and Marv are arrested. While at the toy store, Mr. Duncan finds a note from Kevin attached to the brick explaining what happened.

Kevin and Buzz reconcile and Buzz allows him to open up the first present. Kevin goes to Central Park to give the pigeon lady the second turtledove. At the hotel, Buzz receives the bill for Kevin's stay from Cedric. Peter suddenly calls out, "Kevin, you spent $967 on room service?!", at which point Kevin runs away again.

Home Alone 4Edit

Kevin's parents are now divorced and his father is living with another woman named Natalie. After having enough of being bullied by Buzz, Kevin decides to spend Christmas with his father at Natalie's mansion. When left alone with the butler Mr. Prescott, Kevin is shocked to see Marv again, this time with his wife Vera in tow. Kevin is unable to contact Mr. Prescott in his living quarters so lures Marv and Vera to the bathroom and floods the house. Marv recognizes Kevin, but quickly makes an escape with Vera before Kevin's dad and Natalie return. They refuse to believe Kevin that buglers had broken into the house, and Prescott denies anyone broke in.


Kevin is quite the MacGyver, shown when he defends his home from Harry and Marv on Christmas Eve in the first film.

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Trivia Edit

  • Kevin prefers cheese pizza.
  • In Home Alone and Home Alone 2, Kevin's hair is blonde; however, in Home Alone 4, Kevin's hair is brown.
  • Macaulay Culkin reprised the role as an older Kevin in December 2015 as part of an online series named DRYVRS.[1]

He Wears Blue Swim Shorts in Home Alone 2 which come out when he jump in

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