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"I Made My Family Disappear"
Kevin McCallister


Kevin McCallister
Portrayed by
Macaulay Culkin (Home Alone 1 and 2) Mike Weinberg (Home Alone 4)
8 years old (Home Alone [film])

7 years old (Home Alone [novelization]) 10 years old (Home Alone 2)

9 years old (Home Alone 4)
First Appearance
Kate McCallister ( mother), Peter McCallister (father), Buzz McCallister (older brother), Jeff McCallister (older brother), Megan McCallister (older sister), Linnie McCallister (older sister), Frank McCallister (uncle), Leslie McCallister (aunt), Fuller McCallister (cousin), Tracy McCallister (cousin), Heather McCallister (cousin), Georgette McCallister(aunt), Rob McCallister (uncle)
Cheese pizza
Palm trees, His siblings picking on him, sausage pizza, pizza with olives on it

Kevin McCallister is the main character in the Home Alone movie 1, 2 and 4He is portrayed by Macaulay Culkin in the first two Home Alone movies and Mike Weinberg in Home Alone 4. He is often bullied by his siblings Buzz, Megan, Jeff, and Linnie, and even his Uncle Frank. He is a very strong when it comes time to fighting burglars by setting booby traps.

Home AloneEdit

After getting into an argument with his older brother Buzz McCallister   because he purposly ate Kevin's cheese pizza, Kevin is sent to the third floor of the house by his mother Kate wishing his family would dissapear. The next morning as the family sleeps in because of a power serge, Kevin is still sleeping. His cousin Heather mistakes Mitch Murphy  , Kevin's neighbor who was just about to leave for vacation too. Kevin than wakes up to find his whole family gone and is happy that his wish had came true. He also watches a gangster movie and eats ice cream while watching the movie and played around But at the same time he tried to grard the house from marv and harry. He also goes to church, where he talks to Old Man Marley  , after talking with him he sets a pair of booby traps for Harry and Marv. He than wakes up on Christmas morning to find his family back home and is very happy.

Home Alone 2: Lost in New YorkEdit

After Buzz does a trick on him, Kevin is sent to the third floor. The next morning he gets seperated into New York. He goes to the Plaza Hotel and gets a hotel room. He also swims and watches Angels with Even Filthier souls. He also goes to Duncan's Toy Chest and sets traps for Harry   and Marvin Merchants  and is seen at the sweet room at the Plaza Hotel and gives his turtle dove to Pigeon Lady.

Personally Edit

kevin is a kind, sweet and inteligent little boy. He is smart and very brave. He doesn't like it when his brother takes away his cheese pizza or when his cousin wets the bed. Even though he is bullied by his siblings or his uncle He loves them very much. Like most kids He like ice cream sundaes And pizza (only cheese pizza). unlike most kids He can be very serious Especally when if is anything about bad guys.

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