Kevin applying kerosene to a rope

Kerosene is part of two booby traps that Kevin McCallister uses in Home Alone 2: Lost in New York.

Home Alone 2: Lost in New YorkEdit

At Rob McCallister's renovated apartment, Kevin sets up booby traps everywhere. He pours kerosene in the toilet and also soaks a rope in a bucket of kerosene. When Harry Lime's head catches on fire, he spots a liquid in the toilet bowl. Thinking it is water, he puts his head in the toilet which causes an explosion. His head gets burned and his face covered in ashes. Later, Marvin Merchants and Harry climb down the rope to get Kevin. Then, Kevin sets the rope on fire and the two robbers try to climb back up. When the fire gets close to them, they let go and fall down to the ground. After their fall, buckets of varnish is dumped all over them.



  • Its unknown if there was kerosene in the toilet or not.
  • Kevin uses it for two booby traps.
  • Fire can burn wherever kerosene has been even if the can has been opened.

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