Joshua "Josh" McCallister is Kevin's cousin and son of Rob and Georgette McCallister.

Overview Edit

Josh McCallister only appears in the first film. He is not seen in the second film, as Josh, Rob, Georgette, Heather, Liz, and Mickey are in Paris. Josh has no lines and is not known that well. He only appears once in the whole film, not including the deleted scene in which is family welcomed their cousins to Paris.

Home AloneEdit

Josh is first seen choose and opening presents behind the tree in his parents' apartment. He is not seen again after this, nor is he seen in the second film. Josh does not have any lines throughout the film.


  • In a deleted scene, Josh has a larger role with his dad Rob, his mom Georgette, and his twin sisters Liz and Mickey. The rest of the McCallisters run into their welcome sign that reads, "Joeyeux Welcome to Paris".

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