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Home Alone 6: Road to Forgiveness
Home Alone 6
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Director TBA
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Producer Fox
Release date July 2017
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Series: Home Alone
Home Alone 2
Home Alone 3
Home Alone 4
Home Alone 5
Home Alone 6

Home Alone 6: Road to Forgiveness is an upcoming film in the Home Alone film series. It will act as a direct sequel to Home Alone 2: Lost in New York and see the return of Macaulay Culkin in the role of Kevin McCallister, as well as Daniel Stern and Joe Pesci as Marvin Merchants and Harry Lime respectively. The story will ignore the TV made movie Home Alone 4. It is said to act as the grand finale to the Home Alone series and the official third film to the original two movies.

Shooting will commence in late 2016 for a 2017 release. It is said not to take place on Christmas, being the second Home Alone film (after Home Alone 3) to do so.


Twenty-five years after their run in with Kevin McCallister, Harry Lime and Marvin Merchants are released from prison after serving another stint for stealing. Deciding to turn over a new leaf and make up for past mistakes, they try and track down Kevin in order to put aside their differences with him. However, Kevin isn't a cute little kid anymore, still won't play nice and has more brutal methods up his sleeve, which may cost the lives of both Harry and Marv.


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