Fuller McCallister is the younger cousin of Kevin and looks up to him. He is the son of Frank and Leslie McCallister, has one brother and three sisters and is the nephew of Peter and Kate McCallister.

Fuller wears large glasses and colorful suspenders, likes to drink soda, and is said to wet the bed. He is never mean to Kevin and does not bully him, although at times he seems to take delight at the prospect of urinating on Kevin when they have to share a bed. Kevin does not like it when he wets the bed, but they both get along. Aside from Kevin, Fuller is possibly the friendliest kid in the McCallister family.

Fuller is portrayed by Kieran Culkin, Macaulay Culkin's real-life younger brother.

Home Alone

Fuller is first seen running around the house while wearing trademarked red and blue suspenders. Later, he is looking at a magazine when his sister Tracy comes in and asks him if he knows where the shampoo is. He tells her that he does not live in Kevin's home.

Later, Fuller asked his dad Frank, what time they had to go to bed, and Frank replies, "Early. We're leaving the house at 8 A.M. on the button." A few minutes later, before the fight, Kevin looks over and sees Fuller drinking from a can of Pepsi, and Leslie says, "Fuller, go easy on the Pepsi" before Fuller gave Kevin a friendly grin. When Kevin pushes Buzz against the kitchen island, Fuller remarks "Wow" before getting up from his chair (presumably to go see it up close), only for his dad Frank to accidentally squish him between the wall and the chair; his mom, Leslie, moves the chair and saves him.

On the flight to Paris, Fuller doesn't hear his dad say that he forgot his reading glasses. Once everyone else finds out that Kevin is left home alone, Fuller is worried about Kevin not making the flight. Fuller later goes to his Uncle Rob's apartment with his mom, dad, brother and sisters, his Uncle Peter and cousins, while his Aunt Kate attempts to get a flight to Chicago. Fuller is last seen in his Uncle Rob's apartment watching the movie "It's a Wonderful Life" in French.

He does not appear in the rest of the film afterwards.

Home Alone 2: Lost in New York

Fuller is first seen coming around the corner wearing a bowtie, Christmas sweater, and yellow polka dot suspenders while drinking from a can of Coke. His dad steals it from him, says, "Hey, hey, easy on the fluids, pal. The rubber sheets are packed." and then drinks from it himself.

Later, while at the pageant, Buzz asks to borrow his candle, and Fuller nods and hands it to him secretly while Kevin begins his solo. Then, after they come home early because of the stunt at the pageant, Fuller was sitting next to Frank, and, after Buzz apologizes for his prank on Kevin, laughed while Frank said "Immature or not, it was pretty gol-dern hilarious" while laughing at the same time. Then, after his Uncle Peter says "Kevin, you walk out of here and you're going to be sleeping on the third floor", Fuller adds, "Yeah, with me" while grinning at Kevin before taking a sip of Coke. Then, along with his dad, Uncle Frank, Fuller looks surprised when Kevin tells Frank that he would not want to spoil his fun and calls him "Mr. Cheapskate" before leaving the room for the third floor.

When they arrive in Florida, Fuller gets Kevin's bag passed to him, but as he turned and said "Here you go, Kevin", he was surprised to see two elderly people there instead. So he passes Kevin's bag back to the others while telling them "Kevin's not here" and they pass it on before Kate tells Peter as such. When Peter asks what she means, Kate laughs a little before realizing what she had just said, and then yells Kevin's name before fainting.

Fuller is seen with the family again watching a Spanish program at their hotel while it rains outside. Fuller is seen wearing socks, sandals, and shorts with purple suspenders.

At Christmastime in New York City (which was better than Florida), Fuller is seen sleeping in the huge bed (with some Coke cans on both sides of him). He wakes up and puts his glasses on before remarking that it is Christmas morning. Kevin then tells him that he doesn't think Santa visits hotels. But Fuller asked him if he's nuts before he says that Santa goes everywhere. Then Fuller jumps up and down and says "Hey, guys, wake up! It's Christmas" to get everyone else up, especially his mom and dad, and they all go up the stairs to the second level to find the room with a truckload of presents.



  • In Home Alone, Fuller is drinking Pepsi products, but in Home Alone 2: Lost in New York, Fuller is drinking Coke products.
  • It is noted how no member of the McCallister Family wants to sleep with Fuller, implying he wets the bed frequently.
  • Fuller's actor, Kieran Culkin is the younger brother of Kevin's actor, Macaulay Culkin in real life.

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