Fireworks were used both by Kevin McCallister and Alex Pruitt for booby traps.

Home Alone

When Marvin Murchins checks out Kevin's house, Kevin turns on Angels with Filthy Souls and gets out a pot and some firecrackers. When the gun firing starts, Kevin lights the firecrackers in the pot and starts booming. As the gun firing and firecrackers go off, Marv runs back to the van.

Home Alone 2: Lost in New York

While exploring New York, Kevin goes to a Chinese store and buys some fireworks. Later, after the Pigeon Lady throws bird seeds at the Wet Bandits, Kevin uses the fireworks to signal the police. They arrive just in time and arrest the Wet Bandits.

Home Alone 3

Alex Pruitt goes to his snow fort and place fireworks in the fort. When Peter Beaupre was hiding in the fort from the police, the Parrot comes in and gets a match to light the fireworks. Peter tries to offer a cracker but the parrot wanted two crackers and lights the fireworks. The parrot leaves just before the fireworks go off. The police sees the fireworks and arrest Beaupre.


  • Kevin uses fireworks twice in the first and second Home Alone movies.
  • Both boys stole fireworks from their brothers.