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Earl Unger is one of the four villains of Home Alone 3. He, along with Peter Beaupre , Burton Jernigan and Alice Ribbons, is one of the four internationally wanted criminals who have stolen a valuable missile cloaking computer chip for a North Korean terrorist group. He was portrayed by David Thornton.

Unger is tall, has a stubble, long hair, and dresses as an old man for most of the movie. During the final battle he wears a gray-and-white camouflage suit. He gets electrocuted, a trunk of books and a set of weights fall onto his head, then he gets hit by Plaster of Paris, then hit in the head by a window, then gets his feet caught in two pullable Mega Bloks canisters filled with glue, then gets his fingers stuck in a mouse trap, and finally crashes into a frozen swimming pool.


  • After the movie was finished filming, David Thornton got a very short haircut. This was why his character appeared in the picture of the back of the movie box with short hair.
  • David Thornton is marrie to singer Cyndi Lauper.

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