The Cashier is a woman from Home Alone who works at the grocery store that Kevin McCallister visits while he is on his own. She is played by actress Tracy J Connor and is credited as “Check Out Girl”.

Home AloneEdit

When she sees Kevin walk up and start placing items on the conveyor belt, she is more suspicious than concerned that he is there by himself, but checks him out anyway. Kevin casually makes small talk with her while looking through a magazine he had found on the rack, and she was impressed at first. Finally, she asks him if he is there alone. Kevin dismisses her question calmly. This prompts her to quiz him on where his mom, dad, and siblings are, where he gives her false answers. She then asks him where he lives, but he refuses to tell her. She asks why and he replies in a serious tone, “Because you’re a stranger.”


  • In the Home Alone trailer at the store scene, the Cashier's boss is questioning Kevin, not herself.
  • If you look closely, the cashier's name is Sally.

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