Buzz McCallister was portrayed by Gideon Jacobs. He is the brother of Kevin and Megan McCallister.


Home Alone 4: Taking Back the House Edit

Buzz lives with his mom, Megan and Kevin, and his parents have separated and are filing for divorce. Buzz would rather go to the movies with his friends instead of watching Kevin while his mom goes out. Because he is forced to watch Kevin, Buzz decides to torture his little brother by making him clean the fish tank, take out the bins where he slams his hands and throws the washing out of Kevin's hands. Buzz calls Kevin names like cheeseface, and he also calls him lamebrain when he is holding Kevin's feet while Megan sits on him. In unseen scenes, Buzz likes to tickle Kevin's feet and armpits and he also gives him purple nurples and Waffle bellies.


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