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Buzz McCallister


Buzz McCallister
13 (Home Alone)
15 (Home Alone 2: Lost in New York) 14 (Home Alone 4)
First Appearance
Home Alone
*Kevin McCallister (baby brother)
*Kate McCallister (mother)
*Peter McCallister (father)
*Megan and Linnie (younger sisters)
*Jeff McCallister (younger brother)
*Frank McCallister (uncle)
*Leslie McCallister (aunt)
Tracy McCallister (older cousin)
*Rod McCallister (cousin)
*Sondra McCallister (cousin)
*Brooke McCallister (cousin)
*Fuller McCallister (cousin)
*Rob McCallister (uncle)
*Georgette McCallister (aunt)
*Heather McCallister (oldest cousin)
*Liz McCallister (cousin)
*Mickey McCallister (cousin)
*Josh McCallister (cousin)
*Penelope McCallister (paternal grandmother)
*Unnamed grandfather (paternal grandfather)
Portrayed by
Devin Ratray (Home Alone and Home Alone 2: Lost in New York)
Gideon Jacobs (Home Alone 4)
His brother Kevin (sometimes)
His girlfriend, His cousin Rod, His Brother Jeff
Cheese pizza, his girlfriend (shown on a picture), his tarantula, humiliating Kevin, 90's spiked up hair, got2b hair gel, ralph lauren sweaters, nintendo 64 obviously, heartfelt apologies, sucking up to his family, being an overall douchelord
Kevin messing up his room, pizza with sausage or olives on it, having a chode


Buzz McCallister is the older brother of Kevin McCallister in Home Alone. He has an interest in a variety of activities, such as messing with his younger brother Kevin, being the man of the house whenever his dad is away on business, and all sorts of other things. He is the oldest child. He bullies Kevin frequently, but he loves and cares for him. He was also the (former) quaternary antagonist of the first film, the (former) senary antagonist of the second flim, and the (former) quinary antagonist of the fourth flim.

Home Alone Edit

It is implied that Buzz is interested in girls when he asks whether or not French girls shave under their arms. When Kevin comes into the room, he already showcases himself as a negative type of person by asking Kevin the question "Don't you know how to knock, phlegmwad?".

Later on throughout the same night, we find out that he was the one who ordered the pizzas for the entire family, which was mentioned in a small conversation at the very beginning of the film. When Kevin asks Linnie what he should pack, Jeff replies with "Buzz told you, cheekface. Toilet paper and water", to which Buzz (who is in the background) looks over his shoulder upon hearing his name (as though thinking "Now what's all that about?").

During dinner, Buzz decides to dig in and take upon a whole cheese pizza that he and Kevin were actually supposed to split. This causes Kevin to get upset with Buzz over the fact that he didn't save any slices for Kevin. After finding this out, Kevin tackles Buzz towards the kitchen island, causing milk to spill towards the entire family's airline tickets.

While in Paris, Buzz speaks with his relative on Kevin. Although Buzz was secretly very worried about Kevin, he just doesn't know how to show it.

At the end of the movie, we notice that Buzz slightly cares more for Kevin again to a certain extent and is very faithful to him since he was able to stay home alone for several days. He even says that Kevin cannot tie his shoes upon hearing that Kevin had gone shopping and had gotten some milk, eggs and (in a deleted scene) fabric softener. When the family splits up to go to other rooms in the house, Buzz heads towards his room after returning home and having a moment of reconciliation with Kevin. While Kevin is standing at the window watching Marley go to his house with his family, he hears Buzz call "Kevin, what did you do to my room?". Kevin runs off ( probably to Buzz's room or somewhere else in the house) as the film ends.

Home Alone 2: Lost in New YorkEdit

At the school's Christmas concert, Buzz humiliates Kevin during his solo in front of the whole audience, causing Kevin to punch Buzz in the stomach, which knocks over the other children as well and also sends a plywood Christmas tree crashing down on the pianist and Peter and Kate become really upset about the Christmas concert.

That night, Buzz apologizes to Kevin and the rest of the family, and they clap for him; however, he cheapshots Kevin by name calling.

Later, when they are in Florida, Kate gets the call from the police that Kevin is in New York, and Buzz gets ready to pack up and go to New York along with the other McCallisters.

On Christmas morning, a truckload of gifts comes to the Plaza as a reward for Kevin's foiling Harry and Marv's attempt to rob Duncan's Toy Chest, and Buzz realizes that had it not been for Kevin getting on the wrong flight, they would not be in the suite with the Christmas tree and the gifts in the first place. He tells the family this before allowing Kevin to open the first present. This causes them to clap again, this time for both him and Kevin.

When Buzz recieves the bill for Kevin's original stay at the Plaza Hotel, he gives Cedric, the bellhop, a wad of pink chewing gum as a tip (which makes Cedric remark on how nice the family is). Buzz then looks over the bill, smiles upon seeing the total on the last page and says "Merry Christmas, indeed" before calling out "Oh, Dad!"

Home Alone 4: Taking Back the House Edit

In this movie, Buzz returns but has curly hair and looks much smaller an he did in the first 2 films. Buzz lives with his mom, Megan, and Kevin. His parents have divorced. Buzz would rather go to the movies with his friends instead of watching Kevin while his mom goes out.


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