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Burton Jernigan is one of the four burglars in Home Alone 3.

Personality Edit

Home Alone 3 Edit

Quotes Edit

*"Now things are looking up!"

*(finding Alex's toy car) " It's a video camera, someone's on to us!"

*(seeing Alex through the doorway) "Gotcha!"

*(noticing the chair's wired) "Think you're smart, you little brat!"

*(to Alice after she tried to kill Alex's pet rat, Doris) "You smacked my winkie!"

*"Don't push."

*(thinking its Alex) "I got him!!"

*(talking about guy with the missile chip) "He's clean."

Trivia Edit

*Jernigan is portrayed by a Lenny Von Dohlen

*Out of all his teammates, Jernigan is the calmest and doesn't get easily angered.

*Like Harry Lime, Jernigan gets head caught in a booby trap except he got a haircut from a lawnmower while Harry got his head burnt by a blowtorch and a lighter.


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