Burton Jernigan is one of the four burglars in Home Alone 3 and the tertiary antagonist.

Biography Edit

Jernigan is seen with Peter Beaupre, Alice Ribbons, and Earl Unger at the airport in San Francisco. After going through security checkpoint, Jernigan helps his team looking for a remote controlled car with a missile chip inside. After the team looked around for the car, Beaupre announces that they are heading to Chicago since it is the only American Airlines flight that is either not delayed or cancelled out of San Francisco.

When they arrive in Chicago in the search of the car, Alice sees Mrs. Hess with the toy car after getting her sourdough bread mixed with their toy car since they both have the same kind of bag. After running through O'Hare International, the group catches up to Hess who jumps into a cab, but Jernigan is able to get a number of the taxi that was on its trunk. After dropping of Mrs. Hess at her house, the taxi driver returned back to the airport where Unger and Jernigan chat with him about where Mrs. Hess lives.

Quotes Edit

  • "Now things are looking up!"
  • (finding Alex's toy car) " It's a video camera, someone's on to us!"
  • (seeing Alex through the doorway) "Gotcha!"
  • (noticing the chair's wired) "Think you're smart, you little brat!"
  • (to Alice after she tried to kill Alex's pet rat, Doris) "You smacked my winkie!"
  • "Don't push."
  • (thinking its Alex) "I got him!!"
  • (talking about guy with the missile chip) "He's clean."

Trivia Edit

  • Jernigan is portrayed by a Lenny Von Dohlen
  • Out of all his teammates, Jernigan is the calmest and doesn't get easily angered.
  • Like Harry Lime, Jernigan gets head caught in a booby trap except he got a haircut from a lawnmower while Harry got his head burnt by a blowtorch and a lighter.


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