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Booby Traps

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Created by
Kevin, Alex, and Finn
Harry, Marv, Beaupre, Alice, Unger, Jernigan, Vera, Sinclair, Hughes and Jessica

Kevin McCallister, Alex Pruitt, and Finn Baxter leave booby traps for the criminals.

Home AloneEdit

  • Kevin shoots Harry in the groin (the knee in the novelization) and Marv's forehead with Buzz's BB rifle.
  • Harry slips and falls on the front steps that have been iced.
  • Marv slips and falls down the basement steps that have been iced.
  • Marv's face gets hit with an iron.
  • Harry's hand gets burned by a heated doorknob.
  • Marv loses shoes on tar and steps on a nail barefoot.
  • Harry's head gets burned by a blowtorch.
  • Harry gets glue on his face and gets covered in feathers.
  • Marv steps on Christmas ornaments.
  • Harry and Marv slip on Micromachines.
  • They get hit with paint cans while going up the staircase.
  • Harry trips on a rope and lands on his back.
  • Kevin puts Buzz's pet spider, on Marv's face, making him scream.
  • Harry and Marv try to climb across a rope to Kevin's treehouse but he cuts it sending them swinging into a wall then falling to the ground.
  • Marley hits Harry and Marv with a snow shovel.

Home Alone 2: Lost in New YorkEdit

  • Harry and Marv slip and fall on the ground on pearls dropped by Kevin.
  • Harry comes crashing down on the roof of a parked car after jumping on a seesaw.
  • Marv gets hit by 4 bricks by Kevin.
  • Marv gets 3 staples stuck in his buttocks, belly, and nose.
  • Harry tries to jump up to a ladder which Kevin made all slippery with soap, causing Harry to fall onto the ground.
  • Marv falls in a hole into the basement.
  • A bunch of tools hits Harry's head.
  • Marv steps into a puddle of soap, slips, falls on his back, and slides into a big shelf of paint cans which fall onto him.
  • Marv gets electrocuted by an arc welder connected to the sink.
  • Harry's head catches on fire when attempting to turn on a light, then he attempts to put it out in a toilet, unaware that Kevin had filled with flammable liquid.
  • Marv gets hit by a hundred pound weight bag of concrete powder.
  • Harry falls from a cut-up ladder.
  • Harry and Marv get hit by a pipe which knocks them in the hole and then Kevin cuts the ropes holding the pipe which falls in the hole and smacks them in the heads.
  • Harry and Marv get hit by a toolbox falling down from the stairs.
  • Harry and Marv fall 3 stories when Kevin ignites the rope they were climbing down on (it was soaked in kerosene) and get covered in varnish.
  • Harry and Marv get showered by birdseed, covered in pigeons which peck both of them, and the feathers stick to the varnish.

Home Alone 3Edit

  • Alex blows a whistle to make a dog wrap its leash around Alice and run away, dragging her with it.
  • Alice accidentally splits her pants, exposing her a red underwear.
  • Burton Jernigan gets electrocuted by sitting in a chair that was wired to a car battery.
  • Earl Unger gets electrocuted by when he tries to cut the yarn, unaware that Alex wired the yarn as he built the fence earlier.
  • Earl Unger jumps onto the welcome mat with marbles underneath that send him crashing into the front door.
  • A trunk of books hit Peter Beaupre and Earl Unger on the head.
  • Burton Jernigan gets soaked by a garden hose.
  • Earl Unger and Peter Beaupre get hit by a set of weights.
  • Peter gets hurt when he tries to open the door which was drilled closed by Alex
  • Earl Unger gets hit by a water balloon and Plaster of Paris.
  • Alice's hand gets stuck in a bucket of industrial-strength glue. She struggles to get free, but loses a glove.
  • Peter Beaupre gets sprayed in the eyes with black spray paint.
  • Alice gets caught in mud and gets hit by 2 Santa flower pots.
  • A running lawnmower falls on Burton Jernigan, giving him a bad haircut.
  • A window hits Earl Unger on the head.
  • Peter Beaupre gets hit in the crotch by a spring-loaded boxing glove and falls on his gun, causing it to misfire.
  • Earl Unger gets his feet caught in adhesive glue upon stepping into two Mega Bloks carts with wheels.
  • Burton Jernigan falls 3 stories into the basement and lands on a toilet, which is crushed.
  • Alice tries to use the hand rails to swing herself up onto the porch, but they break and she falls, hurting her back.
  • Alice and Peter Beaupre fall down a plank of boards into the basement, with Peter crushing Alice.
  • Earl Unger trips over a board and falls into the basement, gets his fingers caught in a mouse trap, accidentally shoots a pipe, and gets covered in raw sewage.
  • Doris climbs into Burton Jernigan's pants and Alice hits him in the groin with a crowbar.
  • Earl Unger gets hit by a door when Alex closes it.
  • Earl Unger and Burton Jernigan jump from the roof onto a trampoline that tears and they end up in the freezing cold pool.
  • Alice falls 3 stories in the dumbwaiter shaft and lands on her butt on solid concrete, hurting her too much to move.
  • Alex scares away Peter Beaupre with a fake gun.
  • Peter Beaupre is badly hurt in an explosion of some fireworks in a snow fort.
  • All 4 bad guys get the chicken pox from Alex.

Home Alone: Taking Back The HouseEdit

  • Kevin washes both bandits away with water.
  • Kevin commands a door to open, causing Marv to get hit in the groin by a hook, and sends him flying out of a window.
  • Kevin hits Marv with a pan.
  • Marv and Vera each get hit by paste.
  • Marv's head and fingers almost get crushed by the dumbwaiter.
  • Vera and Marv get hit with a pot.
  • Molly gets stuck in the elevator.
  • Marv gets crushed by the cupboard after he pulls a pair of shoes.
  • Kevin plays a recording of Marv, making it sound like he's insulting Vera, and they get into an argument.
  • Marv gets hit in the crotch by a toy airplane, slips on Vera, and both fall down the stairs.
  • Vera and Marv get at the "Open Sesame" machine before Kevin speeds it up.
  • Marv breaks part of a chandelier and falls while he and Vera are swinging on it before she does as well.
  • Molly gets hit by a big tray used by Mr. Prescott.
  • Both Vera and Marv trip over both Buzz and Megan's feet and land on the ground.

Home Alone 5: The Holiday HeistEdit

  • Jessica and Hughes pull a set of weights from a ramp, which roll under the garage door and trip them.
  • Hughes activates a snowblower that launches marbles at him.
  • Jessica gets hit in the face with a stocking full of coal.
  • Sinclair gets drenched with eggnog.
  • Jessica gets stuck in a window.
  • Jessica gets tar dumped on her.
  • Finn shoots Jessica in the butt with Christmas bells using his slingshot.
  • Sinclair and Hughes get kicked hard in the groin and the face while trying to rescue Jessica.
  • Sinclair gets his foot caught in a strand of Christmas lights while trying to climb into a window, causing him to lose his balance, fall, swing around, and crash into the house.
  • Hughes eats a Nasty-tasting gingerbread man and accidentally drinks a glass of glue which looked like milk.
  • Hughes turns on the garbage disposal, which shoots cotton balls that stick to the glue on his face.
  • Sinclair gets really scared after Finn sets his room up to look like it's haunted by the ghost of Jimmy "Dead Leg" Gravano.
  • Sinclair runs into walls of wrapping paper and tape.
  • Finn pushes Sinclair down the stairs.
  • Mason pelts Jessica with snowballs and knocks her out with a chunk of ice.
  • Finn pulls a rope and locks Hughes and Sinclair in the basement.
  • Jessica gets stuck in a snowman.


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