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Alexis Baxter
Jodelle-HomeAlone5-HDscreencapsBJ 085

Jodelle Ferland

Alexis is the sister of Finn Baxter and the daughter of Curtis Baxter and Catherine Baxter.


Alexis is a girly girl and is like other teenagers that are her age. She can be bossy and refuses to hangout with her family. She picks on her brother, Finn Baxter and does it all the time. She is very intelligent especially when she comes up with ways to prank Finn and stop the thieves. She can be kind and caring to her family and be brave when the thieves break into her new home. Though she is somewhat a bully she loves and cares for her little brother.

Home Alone 5Edit


"Finn! Get me out of here!"


  • Like her brother, she's a tech addict.
  • Alexis is played by Jodelle Ferland
  • Alexis is the first character to help the main character catch the thieves.

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